自Chrome 60以来,V8中的原始JavaScript解析速度提高了2倍。与此同时,原始解析(和编译)成本变得不那么明显/重要,因为Chrome中的其他优化工作将其并行化。
V8通过对工作人员进行解析和编译,将主线程上的解析和编译工作量平均减少了40%(例如Facebook上为46%,Pinterest为62%),最高改进率为81%(YouTube) 线。这是现有的离线主流线程解析/编译的补充。
  • SSR: Server-Side Rendering - rendering a client-side or universal app to HTML on the server.
  • CSR: Client-Side Rendering - rendering an app in a browser, generally using the DOM.
  • Rehydration: “booting up” JavaScript views on the client such that they reuse the server-rendered HTML’s DOM tree and data.
  • Prerendering: running a client-side application at build time to capture its initial state as static HTML.